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  • Title: Leopard Queen
  • Release year: 1909
  • Director: Francis Boggs
  • Actors: Hobart Bosworth, Betty Harte, Tom Santschi, Francis Boggs
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres: Short; Thriller

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Leopard Queen will show you an interesting and so pleasing story with participation of such famous and best actors like: Tom Santschi, Betty Harte, Hobart Bosworth, Francis Boggs. And you would like to watch the action because it is one of the best movies in Thriller genre. Acting of Tom Santschi makes it so unordinary and wonderful. Without any doubts, Leopard Queen is the best action of 1909. Duration: 90. We assume that you would get tons of pleasure from time with Leopard Queen.

Loved the picture! It was very good. Exciting, not shocking. The actors were talented. I loved the visuals. The location was gorgeous. I thought this was going to be more of a brutal flick, but it is not. I was shocked I loved it a lot! If you like Thriller, "Leopard Queen" is for you. Highly recommend!

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The is one movie I'd absolutely recommend to fans with late school aged children. It's not extra cheesy or dumb in my personal opinion. The casting is great too, Betty Harte is nice for the role, very straight and suitable for the role.

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